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Jessie Weintraub is an Atlanta native and professional event planner. Her love of logistics began in the theater when she discovered she enjoyed being behind the scenes doing stage management. She transitioned that love into a career in events, and has been spread-sheeting and organizing ever since. She realized she loved helping couples (and parents of those couples) enjoy their weddings in 2012 when a close friend asked that instead of being a bridesmaid, would Jessie consider coordinating the logistics for her wedding in a remote field in Montana? She couldn’t have been more thrilled! 12 years of event planning experience combined with an eye for detail and a knack for anticipating peoples’ needs, makes Jessie a perfect day-of-coordinator. Her passion lies in making sure her couples’ wedding experiences are exactly what they envision. Being a bridesmaid is always great, but that field in Montana sparked something special, and Jessie’s been helping couples have a smooth journey down the aisle ever since.

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Description of Services


Engagement & Month-Of

Email introduction of Jessie as day-of point of contact to all vendors in the weeks leading up to the wedding. 

Initial meet with bride and/or groom and/or parents in the weeks and months leading up to the event to pull together a timeline/run of show.

Assist with vendor recommendations/meetings/emails, as well as questions about budget, priorities (guest & bride & groom experiences!), centerpieces, linens, rentals, catering, or even just general venting.

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, review Run of Show with bride & groom (and/or parents), go over any remaining details/questions/logistics.

Jessie will attend final walk through in the weeks leading up to the event with bride & groom and venue.


Jessie will arrive to the venue early to meet with bride and groom and do walk through with on-site coordinator to go over vision while standing in the space before the families and attendants arrive (if scheduling allows).

Officiant will run the rehearsal while Jessie observes, takes notes, and helps organize attendants/any family who will be processing/recessing. If no officiant present, Jessie can run the rehearsal.

If needed, Jessie can leave the rehearsal early and do any set up for the rehearsal dinner in terms of décor, place settings, A/V for slideshow (or any other logistics) – or this could be potentially done before the rehearsal.

Jessie will retrieve décor/favors/things from bride & groom and/or family either at the rehearsal or earlier in the week.

Wedding Day

Early in the day, before going to the venue, Jessie available to run errands, pick up lunch/snacks for bride & groom, bridal party and attendants while they get ready, check the couple into their hotel and drop off their luggage (if bride & groom can get an early check-in), etc.

Once at the ceremony site, Jessie will set out any décor needed at the ceremony location. She can also assist with pinning boutonnieres, placing programs, assisting photographers, or any other duties necessary.

For the reception site, Jessie will unload all décor, favors, guestbooks, card boxes, place cards, signage, linens, exit materials, etc. and set out according to bride & groom’s floor plan and instructions.

**Jessie will attend final walk-through with the venue, bride & groom, parents, etc. to go over these details.

For all vendors including, but not limited to, DJ/band, florist, cake baker, officiant, caterer, photographer, etc., Jessie will be the point of contact before the event, meet them when they arrive, go over the flow of the evening, and show them where to set up.

Jessie will ensure that catering is on schedule, and that the venue is meeting (or hopefully exceeding) expectations according to the contract and what the bride & groom discuss with Jessie. 

Throughout the evening, Jessie will make sure that everything runs according to schedule, including photography, reminding the DJ when it is time for entrances, speeches/toasts, dances, last dance, and also organizing guests for the exit. This also includes catering’s service schedule, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, and any other scheduled items. (Or not for the cake, garter, bouquet, as it may be).

After guests leave, Jessie will pack up all décor and load out into designated vehicle(s), if not her own. She will ensure that the top of the cake makes it to someone’s freezer (should you want to do this), that to-go food makes it in the exit vehicle, and that all gifts are properly loaded into the correct person’s vehicle(s) (and will do her best to attach cards to their proper gifts if they were not secured upon arrival). Jessie can also pack up items in her car and deliver the next day to bride & groom or family members.

Jessie can handle distributing tips or final payments to any vendors on the day of the wedding if necessary/requested.

Before leaving the venue, Jessie will check with them to make sure everything has been loaded out and cleaned up according to the contract.


 Jessie will do her very best to field any uncomfortable conflicts that arise, so that the bride or groom don’t have to. I will take care of any unruly guests, uncles, cousins, soon-to-be in-laws, etc. Leave being the bad guy to me should it become necessary.

I’ll do whatever it takes to make your wedding exactly how you want it to be. With me around, your wedding will run smoothly so you can enjoy yourself and focus on the rest of your life together! If you have any questions, or would like to include anything you don’t see here, please let me know and I will be happy to discuss adjustments.


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Congratulations and Best Wishes!

I look forward to helping make your wedding a beautiful, fun, and memorable day for you and all of your guests.

Jessie Weintraub

JW Events, LLC

Atlanta, GA